Castle Rock Episode 9

Dear Sam Shaw, Dustin Thomason and Stephen King,  

What you not gone do is play with my entire life! I don’t have time for these shenanigans. Okay, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest we need to rewind a taste back to Episode 6 “Filter”. There’s a scene in that episode where Henry enters the forest and meets Odin and Willy. They have a strange conversation about the concept of multiverse. Castle Rock’s pulls countless characters and concepts from King’s expansive library. This episode should be called “The Dark Tower”. The series was based on a tower being the center of alternate realities. In these worlds variations of the same people could exist.

Recently, I read a novel called Dark Matter by Blake Crouch (another one of my favorite authors) which went into painstaking detail of the idea of multiverse. In Dark Matter there was a box that could pull you into a corridor. There you’d find a long hallway with doors lined on either side. Each door opened into an alternate reality. I wonder if there’s such a door or even a black hole in the forest of Castle Lake? 

This entire season we’ve operated under the assumption that we didn’t know Bill Skarsgard’s character “The Kid’s” name. However, he said his name from the beginning. He IS Henry Deaver…FROM AN ALTERNATE MULTIVERSE. Clean up on aisle five! My brain fragments are everywhere because my mind is completely blown. Definitely, didn’t see that coming. I’m slightly disappointed that Skarsgard’s Henry Deaver in the main reality isn’t the devil. I wanted him to be an evil force. On the flip side I will admit it was refreshing to see him in the alternate universe as a young doctor trying to cure his mother’s Alzheimer’s. (Poor Ruth Deaver loses her mind regardless of what reality she’s in.) After the bulk of this show and his depiction of Pennywise the clown the 2018 adaptation of IT I enjoyed watching him be normal. 

I didn’t mention this in my post earlier. It’s been fun collecting all of the Easter eggs in this series. Molly’s abilities mirror that of Johnny Smith in the Dead Zone. Without giving too much away it puts her smack dab in the middle of all the chaos. I love cab driver Jackie Torrance the niece of Jack Torrance from the Shining. Sissy Spacek is the face of the story that started it all Carrie. This show is continuing to weave together this great author’s career in an elegant fashion. I can’t wait to see our final destination in the series finale next week.