American Horror Story Episode 2 Recap

Fu@k it!

No literally…fu@k it!

Everyone was caught with their pants down tonight. Now that the “no unauthorized copulation” rule has been completely destroyed what will become of our two love birds? I honestly believe this budding romance is going to lead to the birth of something truly sinister in this season.

Also, so I may be jumping ahead here but is Mr. Gallant copulating with himself as the ghost Tate Langdon from Season 1 Murder House? That’s just seriously bizarre even for AHS. I really wonder how that’s going to unravel. The fact that it was revealed that Mr. Gallant thought he was sleeping with Michael Langdon the anti-christ. What is with the interviews he’s conducting. He had Mr. Gallant’s nickers all bundled. Then exposes the rotting core of Ms. Venable who appears to be suffering with a spinal condition. This makes since as she moves with the assistance of a cane. I can’t wait to see the backstory surrounding her condition. What horrors lie behind her shame?

Now that it’s slowly being exposed that the Cooperative isn’t behind the strange rules of this particular outpost I’m wondering if they are behind Michael Langdon? If there truly is a Cooperative or if he himself is the entire Cooperative? Is there truly a sanctuary? It feels that he’s already made his selections of who will survive. The interviews seem to be more for his entertainment.

Finally, is Miriam Mead a robot? I mean come on….what was going on in that gun shot wound of hers? I thought I was watching Bishop from Aliens check his wound? Android? Who knows. I know AHS loves to throw curveballs in every direction.

Until next week!