Reading Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King

Sleeping Beauties

by Stephen King

Hardcover, 720 pages

Fear State: Perfection (3/5)

I received an email from the Stephen King fan club saying, “Stephen King and Owen King will be going on a book tour to promote their latest release Sleeping Beauties.” Well, you know if I could’ve done a back flip I would’ve. I purchased my ticket. The day of I didn’t plan properly. Needless to say, I should’ve gotten there with the chickens. I ended up in a mile-long line to get into this place. It was incredible to see an author still have such a strong fan base after four long decades of writing. People came out in droves. You would’ve thought Bruno Mars came to Naperville. Who knew an author could create such pandemonium? 

My legs were numb. My heart was pounding. I was going to share the same oxygen as a man I’ve looked up to nearly my entire life. I’m almost forty and reading him since I was a pre-teen like many others. While I’m still trying to find myself as a writer the day I met Stephen King was a big deal. Well, “meeting him” is a stretch. I sat close. Listened to him speak. He was right there. I literally spent most of the evening crying. 

I’m not ashamed of it. 

He’s my hero! 

I’m an emotional creature! 

There…Pheare cried. 

Yuck it up. 

Then the most amazing thing happened. Well, I need to give you a little back story here. When I was a teenager I wrote out this bucket list. Silly thing. I won’t even go into everything that was on it. I’ll cover only two. 

1) Write and publish a novel

2) Have Stephen King read me a bedtime story.

I wrote and published my first novel in 2009 called Str8 Laced. I didn’t know what I didn’t know about writing or publishing at the time. But, I did it. I’m still proud of it. Go read it. Here’s the amazing thing. Who knew one night in my late thirties I would be sitting in the audience when Stephen King read a large excerpt of his novel Sleeping Beauties. When I wrote that list at seventeen anticipating my journey into adult life I didn’t really believe Stephen King would ever read me a bedtime story. A kid could dream though…right? I cannot put fully into words what that moment meant to me. I wrote about that night as opposed to writing an actual review about Sleeping Beauties because I can’t bring myself to write a full page of why I didn’t like something Stephen King wrote. I just can’t. But, here we are. I’m putting into words that I didn’t like Sleeping Beauties. It was not one of my favorites. I’m honestly under the full assumption that his son Owen King wrote the novel entirely and Stephen wrote the revisions. The novel was very heavy handed on feminism. I’m saying that and I’m a WOMAN. While the overall premise of women falling into a deep sleep, being cocooned and waking up in a murderous rage killing men definitely blew up my skirt. We didn’t get to second base though. Somewhere along the way we (Sleeping Beauties and I lost each other). I struggled so much with this novel I had to finish listening to it on audiobook. The ending fell flat which drove a stake through my heart. I had such high hopes about loving this novel. Still I can look on it fondly because it physically brought my hero and I together and the dedication to the memory of Sandra Bland was beautiful. Don’t take my word for it…you may like it. 

Happy Reading,