American Horror Story Episode 1 Recap

Let’s “Encyclopedia Brown” this whole situation. 

Before tonight the only information released about this season is that it’s a crossover version of Murder House (Season 1) and Coven (Season 3). Tonight, the show began after a series of nuclear missiles took out several major continents. The characters find out a fallout shelter has already been prepared in the event “all hell broke loose”. Of course, certain rich people have already purchased tickets to have a place in the shelter provided by a group referred to as the “Cooperative”. When questioned about this we are told that those funds used from the rich made such a shelter possible.

“Oh okay.” *Insert Side Eye….ANYWAY.

The main characters are introduced to their hostess Wilhemina Venable, who asked to be referred to as the right arm of the Cooperative, and her right hand “Miriam Mead”. The characters are given purple clothes for the “chosen ones or elite” and the gray clothed characters are “servants”. The guests are seated at the table for dinner where they find out their meals will consist of a vitamin Jello substance. When characters complain they are slapped.

They are given simple rules:

1) Do not go outside.

2) There is no unauthorized copulation.

When two of the characters are found to have radio-active particles they are scrubbed profusely. When one doesn’t come clean he is killed. Then later possibly eaten by his other compadres…it’s just all out pandemonium. Their hostess is low-key a sadist and her rules may have absolutely nothing to do with the Cooperative. This outpost may’ve gone completely off the reservation. I have no idea where they are taking us. But, that’s the magic of American Horror Story. I do believe the baby is going to born of two of the characters in this shelter. They were chosen for their superior genetic makeup. Also, their romance is budding.

We shall see. So far so good!