Horror TV Review: American Horror Story Season 6

My Roanoke Nightmare

Fear State: High (5/5) ****

"From the very first moment, I felt danger there," Lily Rabe's interview revealed the most unsettling initial feeling of a property she purchased with her husband. Season 6 appears to be a reality show reenactment of "true events". Lily Rabe the "real life character" discussed circumstances that caused her and her soulmate/husband reenactment played by none other than Cuba Gooding Jr. to relocate to North Carolina. They settled into a farm-like property nestled deep in the woods beating out some hilly-billy locals in an auction of the property.  Angela Bassett makes her appearance along with Adina Porter from True Blood....she's one of my favs. 

There has been loads of speculation around this season from having to guess the theme to if the show will tell a different story each episode. I know I watched tonight plagued with more questions than when I was only watching promo trailers. Tonight, AHS writers hit us with raining teeth, dead pigs, ghosts all in episode one. For those of you that have been watching AHS since it's inception then you know the confusion will float all around us until nearly the end of the season. They have a special way of unraveling the plot of their wicked tales. I'll leave you with this plea to WATCH THE FIRST EPISODE! I loved every single minute of it. You don't have to binge watch prior seasons. Here's an opportunity to start fresh, take in the new season and feel your blood curdle with every new revelation.