Reading Becoming by Michelle Obama


by Michelle Obama

Hardcover, 448 pages
Perfection (5/5)

“My husband is making his own adjustments to life after the White House, catching his breath. And here I am in this new place with a lot I want to say.” ~Michelle Obama (Becoming)

I purchased several copies of Becoming for myself, Paige and close friends as Christmas gifts. Once I saw Auntie Chelle performed the audiobook an additional purchase was a no brainer. Becoming is a beautifully written introspective. There’s a lot to unpack. This memoir is moving, clever, at times poignant and other times downright funny. Also, you’ll find yourself getting a peripheral view of Barack. He’s this regular smegular guy (well not completely...he’s like gifted or whatever). He’s always late, messy and annoyingly calm during arguments. It don’t get more smegular than that. Then she spills all the behind the scenes tea of the Obama presidency. I got a chill when she spoke of the first win, presidential motorcade, the bubble that engulfed life as they knew it. This memoir is as surreal as it was watching the first black man take the stage for the world to address him as Mr. President back in that chilly November in 2008. The audiobook is a conversation. A good one. I’m not sure I personally know anyone who wouldn’t leap at the opportunity to have a conversation with Michelle. You’d do yourself a disservice not to read it or listen to her read it. Whichever way you approach it you won’t be disappointed.

If you’re not familiar with Audible here’s an awesome opportunity to try the service. Audible hasn’t hired me to do commercials so I’m just dropping jewels here. A late Christmas gift from me to you!  #yourewelcome 😉😏

  1. Go to and sign in using your Amazon account information. 

  2. Sign up for the 30 day free trial. Your first book is free.

  3. (Download Becoming by Michelle Obama...😉) In the event that you’ve already purchased the book you can listen to the audiobook for free. #yourewelcome 

  4. Download the Audible app to your mobile device. (Note: You can also listen to books via the website from your laptop or PC.)

  5. Audible is $14.95 monthly. You can cancel whenever.

Easy Peasy!

It’s real cute too! Audible will give you these little credit thingys once a month. You can use them to purchase future books! Anyway, Auntie Chelle is waiting to have a conversation with you. Again, YOU’RE WELCOME and Happy New Year!